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Statutory Accounts

Every year each business must file their annual accounts with Her Majesty's Revenue & Customs (HMRC) and, if operated as a Company, then with Companies House also. In both cases there are strict financial penalties for late filing. For Companies House the filing deadline is 9 months after the company year end and for HMRC 12 months after the business year end.

Sometimes called Annual Accounts, Financial Accounts or simply just Business Accounts, they all refer to the same thing which is a report showing how much profit or loss the business has made (Profit & Loss Account) and what the business is worth (Balance Sheet). The format of these accounts is, to some extent, determined by law and are largely standardised into a fixed format to make it easy to compare one business with another. Your business accounts will also include various notes to explain the numbers and will have to be signed by one or more owners or directors.

Breakthrough Finance will prepare your business accounts for you from the bookkeeping records maintained during the year or, if your business is very small and you are not VAT registered, we may prepare them only at the end of your financial year but still based on exactly the same records and information just as required for monthly bookkeeping.

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